The Day after Halloween – Radio Radar Ep 1

As expected, there’s more meatballs, more parents, and a whole hour more of Seth, Ethan, and Eden. It’s a mellow day: the “Day After Halloween” episode, or, as Eden calls it, Monday Jr. We take a relaxed day with some chill music, because we know that everyone is spooked out and needs to relax the day after with the delicious spoils of the holiday. If you’d like to hear the music we review in this episode, the artists and song titles are as follows:

Beautiful Nothingness by Clouds

Yeah! by Meridian Lights

Searching for Perfection by Blended Generations

Dare to Touch by Legs 11

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  1. I really like your chemistry with each other, and know when to talk and when to be quiet. You have a very conversational tone with each other and aren’t up tight at all. Overall a good show.

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