The Inspiration Station: Episode 1- Accountability

The train is leaving the station for its first episode of The Inspiration Station!

This show is about giving motivation to young athletes or to anyone who just needs that extra push. I dissect the true meaning of being accountable and how you apply it to your everyday life.

Produced by Reagan Hune


2 Comments on “The Inspiration Station: Episode 1- Accountability”

  1. The appeal of this podcast is great! For anyone that needs to hear a good way to turn negative into positive, this is the podcast is for you! The train theme is nice, and the sound effects do a good job adding on! I really felt engaged in the podcast the whole time. The only downside is at a few points when the announcer sounds uncomfortable with her lines.

  2. Approach for this podcast is great! It gives a strong and clear message to many athletes who go thru these struggles everyday on and off the court! You can learn a lot from this and apply it to your sport to have a succesful team connection!

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