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  1. I really like how it started with Nick. It had a little bit of background and it kept up with the dates. The story line was amazing. How it switch from Nick to a Russian to the news was flawless. Great job!

  2. The radio production is extremely impressive. Each recording had a distinct setting that are all very realistic, making you feel as though this actually happened. I also appreciate that the songs in the background were appropriate for the time period. This just shows the amount of care and effort you put into this story. The voice acting is clear and skilled, and I’m really impressed by fluent Russian speaking. Finally, the story itself is gripping. I think it was a great idea to only allow listeners tidbits of the story in order to add to the suspense. I also love how the resolution to Nick’s story is never really found, and the true answer is left to the imagination of the audience.

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