The Prairie Lake Investigation

Prairie Lake, Indiana. A small town where nothing much goes on. Though recently, a local therapist was killed. Journalist Kyle Corleu dives into the investigation and uncovers something much bigger than he ever could have thought. This is the story he found.

3 Comments on “The Prairie Lake Investigation”

  1. I really liked this work but the only thing i did not really understand is why in the beginning he says blah blah blah and stuff like that. Just does not sound very professional.

  2. Just the sound and and the journalistics point made the story greater than I would ever think. It left me on the edge of my seat. I let my imagination picture the monster and what it does and I can get a decent picture just on the audio. Great job!

  3. The overall podcast was really a high production with very intriguing aspects to the story. The VFX helped push to tell the story. Some of the sound effects were a little extreme such as, creaking doors and cell phones. I did love how there were many different characters in the story. The main investigator did an amazing job expressing the story, it makes the listener feel like they are in the story. Amazing job!

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