Significant Science Trip to Mars

Space travel. What was once a dream has now become reality, and we’re pushing the boundaries of what were able to do, every day. In this episode of Significant Science we look at possible trips (and moves) to mars and other places. Digging deeper into what is happening in the space community today.


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  1. I really enjoyed the intro image and the tone it set for the show. Jacks voice is very well suited for the program I believe because it is very calm and serious while remaining fun and entertaining. The use of ambiance music and beds is also very helpful to the show because it really sets a “sciency” tone/sound. I didn’t notice him come near the lines for legal or ethical problems since he remains unopinionated and sticks to the facts. Lastly he does a good job telling the story since he tells the facts that lead up to the big info about possible travel to mars.

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