Trouble for Thomas- FFL#3

Tune in to the third episode of The Foreign First Lady, Trouble for Thomas, to learn about the relationship of Thomas and Martha Jefferson.

The new theme song comes from

Produced by: Chae Haley


2 Comments on “Trouble for Thomas- FFL#3”

  1. I thought the intro and song at the beginning were effective. The music fits the topic, and is important to the piece.The song that plays when she talks about the death of Martha Jefferson made the tone dark and gloomy. this fit with what she was talking about and is effective. Overall I thought the story was interesting, and the music beds were very effected, and added a lot to the story.

  2. The topic of the piece is something not often thought of and is very interesting. The narrator does a nice job of describing the events taking place. The music in the beginning gets you interested and establishes the mood. There isn’t one long pause in the middle, but does not ruin the piece. The music that plays when the narrator talks about the death of Martha does feel a bit too loud. The overall piece ia very interesting and is produced very well.

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