3 Comments on “Valentine’s Day”

  1. I think that this broadcast is very relevant and true for high school students. I agree with the broadcaster that people should spend Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. I liked the compilation of the voices of different high school students and the different things they planned on doing. The broadcast was well made and I liked the music bed in the background that made it more interesting.

  2. I believe the broadcaster really related to the listener because for me and many other people, just spend time with the people they love the most. Micah really captured the listener by relating to them on this particular holiday. I liked how she used different people’s opinions on Valentine’s Day and asked what they were doing. It showed that not everyone goes on a special date for the holiday. I really like how clear she was and the music bed. Overall it was a very nice broadcast.

  3. The broadcaster gave great information of what valentine’s day is and what you can do during the day. When the actualities came on, the transitions between them were very well thought out. I also like the bed in the background, it gave the listener a happier feeling throughout the story.

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