Veganism- HoundBite #9

For this episode of HoundBite, we take a dive into the world of veganism. Learn about what veganism is and what it takes to become one. Real-life vegan and WHJE’s Mae Ban joins me on this exciting journey.

Produced by John Griffiin


2 Comments on “Veganism- HoundBite #9”

  1. This short podcast was done very well with very clear vocals and easy to hear words. The sound effects used on some of the words was an interesting touch and used very well. One thing that bothered me throughout the podcast was how some parts were just solid talking and nothing in the background. Other than that it was extremely well done.

  2. The best part of this podcast was the interview. It included smooth transitions and relevant information to the story. The appeal is not for everyone, but in my opinion it is nice to hear how vegans chose to be vegan and ate from day to day. The sound bed was good, but it got cut off at bad times. The vocal performance was extremely clear and fun to listen to.

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