Why Do You Do What You Do?

Dreams fail. As teenagers, we think we know what we’re going to do with our lives, but those plans often don’t pan out. Maybe one day, you’re fired from your law firm and forced to take a job at a car repair shop, or you find yourself with two kids and no means to support your career as an aspiring novelist, or you take a shortcut through the music hall to get to your computing class, only to realize that you always wanted to be a concert pianist. Patrick Simpson talked to the wise souls who have already gone through this to find that even though anything can and will happen, in the end, it will all turn out alright.

4 Comments on “Why Do You Do What You Do?”

  1. Definitely an interesting take on what could have just been a regular story. I love how creative it is with the many different people that took part in the story.

  2. Very interesting story. I love how you did not just use one person to tell the whole story, but you had four people that told their own unique story and how it worked out for them in the end. Nice Story!

  3. Cool how four people were used to tell their stories instead of only one. Very creative take on explaining why people do what they do. Put together well and nicely done overall.

  4. A good way to show how even if plans go bad, you can still succeed by doing something else. Even better by including examples of actual individuals that have gone through this

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