Women of the Era – Woman of the Hour #1

The Spice Girls, Joan Jett, Billie Holliday, The Go-Go’s. You don’t know who these people are? Don’t worry about it!

In this episode of Woman of the Hour, we travel back in time to the 1930’s, 70’s and 80’s, 2000’s and modern day to meet some of the woman who helped shape the popularity of female artists in the music industry today! Woman of the Hour is a podcast all about women’s rights and representation in the media and in history hosted by Abby Draper.


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  1. The Women of the Hour is such an amazing concept for a podcast. I agree, the idea of female music these days is smothered by manufactured pop music, there are artists that need to be recognized for their talent. Rather than, their looks, image, and other persuading causes other than the music. Thank you for making this, it’s truly empowering. My only negative comment would have to be that the mic is a little loud and it can sometimes pop. It distorts your voice at moments, so I suggest you lower that a tad. 🙂 I look forward to more!

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