9 Comments on “Working on Anxiety”

  1. I thought this story had an interesting start. The overlapping voices was a very creative technique. Over all a great story to listen to.

  2. I like how you had a point of view of a expert, student, and a parent. I like how you gave examples of how to deal with anxiety.

  3. I do not like the overlapping voices at the beginning. It sounded weird and did not draw me in, but the rest of the story was very interesting and informative.

  4. I like how the overlapping voices were supposed to symbolize anxiety. I like how you give us ways for how you can help anxiety and how you can make it better. I also understand that anxiety is a big deal and its important to deal with it.

  5. The overlapping voices was very creative, anxiety is a very prominent issue and I have experienced it a couple times myself. This was a podcast I could easily relate to.

  6. The overlapping voices in the beginning of the story provides a very create intro, that makes me want to listen to the story. Does a great job of interviewing a very diverse group of people, giving many different opinions on the topic. Provides a lot of information, and is spoken very clearly.

  7. Great story to talk about. There are many people in the world that have to suffer with anxiousness. I could relate to this.

  8. The overlapping of voices was a creative way to draw in people, and I liked that there were viewpoints of 3 separate people. It brings attention to a problem that most people probably don’t care all that much about.

  9. All the different voices and problems at the beginning was a cool idea. Getting point of views from an expert, a parent, and many students was interesting. My first thought was “yes, preach it” when she mentioned school being stressful. It relates well to students, and gave good ideas on how to deal with stress for others.

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