Your Brain on Music – Melomania #11

It’s a question that occurs to all musicians at some point (usually, for some reason, while practicing scales): what’s even the point of this? Music seems to have no value in terms of our survival as a species, yet it’s present in every human civilization in some form. It’s an inescapable part of our lives. So why is it so important to us? Why does Chopin feel sad? Why does Count Basie make us tap our feet? Some, but not all, or maybe even none of these questions will be answered in this episode of Melomania.


Produced by Patrick Simpson

2 Comments on “Your Brain on Music – Melomania #11”

  1. I liked the music bed. the person being interviewed seems to know what he is talking about.
    liked the effects

  2. This is the first podcast episode of Melomania I’ve ever listened to, but truth be told, I really enjoyed this story a lot. It was really interesting to listen to and everyone kept my interest. I’ve actually enjoyed the podcast as a whole. The concept of deconstructing music and looking at the meaning is something people overlook a lot. Patrick’s tone and rate was impressive. I’ll definitely be starting the podcast from the beginning soon.

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