Blog Post #17- Recap Carmel v. Warren

Carmel v. Warren Football Game 10/9/2020


Katelyn Conley, Blog Manager

On Friday, October 9th, the Carmel Greyhounds (5-2) traveled to Warren Central to take on the Warriors (2-4) for a very exciting Friday Night Lights battle! The game began with the Warriors getting the ball first, resulting in a very strong first drive. However, the Carmel D held up and resulted in the Warriors kicking a field goal, but the attempt was missed! The score remained 0-0 with 6 minutes to go in the first half. It was now the Greyhounds turn to take an early lead, but the Warren D came out ready to go, resulting in a scoreless opening drive. As the first quarter came to a close, both teams were tied with a score of 0-0!

It wasn’t until Rodney Johnson of the Warriors took charge in the second quarter, running 38 yards for a touchdown! The score was 7-0 in favor of Warren Central with 8 minutes to go in the first half. The Hounds came up with an answer to this on their next drive as Zach Osborne connected with Zach White for the 9 yard touchdown! Getting the ball back, Warren now had the opportunity to take the lead again, but they would come up short. As the end of the half approached, Carmel would have one more opportunity to go down the field and score. Baron Smith would present this opportunity for Carmel as he would haul in a 10 yard touchdown pass from Osborne! The Hounds went into the locker room ahead over the Warren Central Warriors with a score of 14-7!

Coming out of the locker room the Hounds had the ball to open the second half. However, their drive resulted in a Spencer Hanna field goal from 41 yards out! Carmel would extend their lead to 17-7 with 9 minutes to go in the third quarter. The Carmel D played a strong third quarter and stopped the Warriors from scoring all throughout the third. However, the Carmel O would be a different story. It started with a mistake punt from the Warriors that would give the Hounds great field position. A touchdown by Colton Parker midway through the third quarter would put the hounds up 24-7! But, the Hounds O would come back on the field sooner than later as the Senior Linebacker, Andrew Turvey, intercepted the ball! Zach White was able to bring it into the endzone giving the Hounds an extension on their lead! As the third quarter came to a close, the Hounds led the Warriors by a score of 31-7!

Going into the fourth quarter, the Hounds would score one final time with a touchdown by Ethan Hall from 5 yards out to give the Hounds the upper hand advantage. The Warriors would also score one final time with a 5 yard rushing touchdown by Prince Powell. The final score would be Carmel 38 over Warren 14! This would increase the Hounds record to 6-2!