Blog Post#33 – Happy Birthday Mr. James!


Happy Birthday Mr. James! 

We all wanted to wish you the happiest of days, and thank you for all that you have done not only for WHJE, but for all of us as a whole. 

You challenge us, and push us to be our best. Through the uncertainties of this past year, you made sure that we can still be the best WHJE that we can possibly be. Everyday, you support and inspire us to be the best broadcasters we can be.  

You have taught us how to stand up for ourselves and to test our limits. You care about us as human beings, and you are more than just a teacher at Carmel High School; you are our favorite mentor. You make WHJE the family that it is. 

We have no doubt that you will continue to inspire and encourage the future of WHJE. 

Thank you for all that you do for us. A million thank you’s wouldn’t suffice. 

Have the happiest birthday! 

With love, 

Your WHJE Staff