Blog Post #53 – Recap Radiothon


Katelyn Conley, Blog Manager

WHJE would like to thank you for helping us put on a very successful Radiothon! On April 17th and 18th WHJE broadcasted all weekend long and was able to raise $9,494! WHJE would like to thank the following members on their contribution of $91.30+ and their admission into the exclusive 91.3 Club:

Abby Kozerski Houck Family

Ahni Brown Harbin

Ben Carlson

Bill & Karla Calhoon

Bob, Sara and Abby Draper

Brian White

Brooke Ferrell

Callahan Lacy

Carrie Gaerte

Chris & Susan Sanders

Christine Field

Cleveland Lehner Cassidy

Cynthia Meneghini

Dave & Heidi Dugan

Dave & Jennifer Beckman

David Kenyon

Dominic James

Doug Lowrie

Elly Musleh

Eric & Amy Meadows

Geoffrey Cutler

Grandma & Grandpa Seitz

Janeen Pugh

James Ulm

Jennifer Courtney

Jennifer Fletcher

Jill Lacy

Joanna Thornburg

Josh Perrin

Kristen Atteberry

Lisa Elmore

Lisa Grove

Melanie Brown

Michelle Browning

Michael Hillsman

Mike & Michelle Goyer

Nicole Scott Hebert

Paul and Carman Bushe

Rachel Byers Brown

Robert Pugh

Sara Carlisle

Seth Rinderknecht

Susan & Jim Wilson

Susan Daries

The Fronek Family

Tricia Seitz

Will & Cathy Huiras


Thank you to all of these amazing donors!

With the money raised, we will be able to update our older and broken equipment, keep our departments running, pay for our license, help keep all of our departments running, buy new music for the station, obtain the rights to our website, and so much more! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event to help the future generations of WHJE! We could not have done any of it without you! Thank you!