September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September Awareness Month


The month of September is Childhood Cancer awareness month, and WHJE is doing our part to help!

Every day forty-three children are diagnosed with cancer, as cancer is the number one cause of death by disease in people up to age twenty. 

This needs to change. WHJE is honoring September and Childhood Cancer Awareness month by providing our listeners with content over the subject, as well as ways you can help.

First, you can do your own research, educate yourself on the topic.

Second, you should ask questions, get curious, and grow your knowledge.

And finally, if you are able, donate to credible organizations such as the ones below. 

  1. Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment:
  2. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation:
  3. St. Jude’s Research Hospital:


Only 4% of federal cancer funding is directed towards pediatric cancer research. Most current standard treatments for pediatric cancers were approved before the 1990s. 

The treatments are outdated, and two out of every three survivors will still develop major health issues later in life, such as chronic heart conditions and SECONDARY CANCERS.

We here at WHJE won’t stand for this. Help us help the pediatric cancer patients by donating to one of the organizations below.

We are taking a stand, and you all should too. 

With love,

WHJE staff