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We recently hosted a 5o year Anniversary Open House at the studios.  As part of the celebration we are creating a database of all past WHJE alumni.  If you are an alumni please follow this link and add your information.

Last Maiden First Year Occupation
Ayers Katie 2012 Senior Game Advisor
Babcock Andrew 2002
Bishop Rutledge Debbie 1979 Professional Services Consultant
Boxell Bob 1974 Financial advisor
Boxell Till Marta 1973 Teacher
Brown Byers Rachel 1988
Buchanan Plummer Lori 1984 Director of Media Relations
Bursaw Kevin 2009 Air Force Pilot
Byard Colin 2009 Assistant Residence Director
Caskey Bill 1974 President
Cole Kevin 1986 Teacher @ Noblesville H.S
Collings Brian 2012 I.U. student – Telecom Production
Conner Alex 2004 Assoc. Sales Director – Major Channels
Cutler Geoffrey 1977 Corporate Healthcare Executive
Deogracias Corey 2013
Dossey Lynda 1996 architect
Dugan Dave
Earle Whalen Mary 1975 Insurance broker
Eppert Richard 1976 Systems Analyst
Ernst Chris 1989 Banking
Faas Akin Julie 1989 Operations Manager
Garland Chris 1995 Commissioner of Neighborhood Development
Glavan Alexander 2012
Glavan Alexander 2012
Gollnick John 1987 CEO
Gray Matthew 2009 Student at Purdue University
Green Samantha 2012 Teacher
Heck David 1968 Retired Radio/TV D.J. Engineer
Hehner James 1976 Attorney
Helbert Tyler 1987 US Government
Herbery Doug 2000 Electrical Engineer
Hinton Flinn Lori 1984 Customer Support
Hoffa Kim 2012
Hoyt Mike 1973 Clinical Engineer
Huber Mark 2011 IU Student
Hyland Mike 1984
Irvine Chad 2011
Jackson Stuart 2012
Jensen Chris 1974 Logistics Manager – semi retired
Jones Kasayka Mary Beth 1995 Graduate Program Coordinator
Kiser Levi 2012 Student @ Ball State
Louden Jeff 1999 Insurance Adjuster
Maguiness Ty 2010
McErlane Mackenzie 2012 Music Media Production Major
Morris Greg 1974 IBJ Media–President / Publisher
Musleh Elly 1978 Director, Center for Innovation – Eli Lilly
Paul Gabe 1991 Counsel, state of Indiana
Payne Foster Stephanie 1993
Peck Alex 2011
Pickett Snyder Patricia 1977 Public Relations/President
Ramaswamy Aneesh 2007 Instructor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ray Andy 1981 Manufacturer’s Rep.
Reeder Katherine 2008
Renken John 1987 Principal Release Engineer @ Avid Technology
Ritter Matt 2006 Designer/Developer
Roudebush Cam 2013 Pizza manager
Rudd Jason 1999 Walt Disney world entertainment
Sandifer Hammond Mari 1985 CPA
Schiavone Joe 1990
schinbeckler christian 2012 Server @ Buffalo Wild Wings
Schoeller Ross 2007 Mechanic
Singleton Michael 2013 Student
Skeens-Benton Skeens Amy 1989 assistant principal
Smith Brittany 2007
Stephens Smith Lisa 1980
Totten Crawford Totten Holly 1974 Doctor of Audiology
Van Scoik Eric 2010 Music Director
Walsh russell 2010 Production director
Weichman Jackie 1991 Marketing Manager
Weir Hinshaw Cindy 1965 Admin. Assistant
wesolowski tim 1976 Finance
White Ernst Kimberly (Kim) 1977 Homemeaker
Whitmore Paul 1989 Communications Manager
Williams Erich 1992 Manager – Steel Communications – The Timken Company
Wiseman Paul 1979 Reporter, Associated Press
Woods Uebele Allison 1999 Director of Special Education
Worth Matt 2000 Glass Fabracator
Wright Tyler 2011 Student

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