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Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards



Best Specialty Show – Maiza Munn & Cameron Geddes

Best Morning Show – Allie Wolf & Bethany Ducat

Best On Air Pledge Drive – Ally Davis

Best Newscast – Allie Wolf

Best News Promo – Jacob Fletcher

Best Promo Series – Tommy Fagan

Best Show Promo – Griffin Hall

Best Show Intro – Quin Strzynski

Best Football PBP – Andrew Hillsman

Best Boys Basketball PBP – LJ Shrieve

Best Baseball PBP – Andrew Hillsman

Best Hockey PBP – Andrew Hillsman

Best Pre/Post Game Show – Andrew Hillsman, Cooper Inskeep & Will Simmonds

Best Show Poster – Ava Beckman, Kate Belanger & Cameron Geddes

Best Student Manager – Sophie Cassidy

Best Music Manager – Kevin Medlin

Best Radio Engineering Student – Deaglan Anderson

Best Station Blog – Bethany Ducat

Best Website – Andrew Hillsman

Runners Up

On Air Personality – Gabe Kenyon

Specialty Music Show – Gabe Kenyon

Live Performance – Ava McElroy & Ella McElroy

Talk Show – Allie Wolf & Bethany Ducat

Radio Drama – Abby Fisher

Documentary – Katie Merryman

Comedy Show – Kewani Assefa

Best Logo – Gabby Saber

Press Release – Chloe Spencer

Political News – KJ Sweeney

Station Promo – Jacob Bailey

Women’s Basketball – Evan Stowell

Sportscast – Ayden Hagemann

Podcast – Paulina Arana

Use of Video in Radio – Dev Mathur

Sports Manager – Evan Stowell




Best Specialty Music Show – Karl Templeton, Riley Dugan

Best Logo – Riley Dugan, Evan Sanders

Best Live Music Broadcast – Gabe Perrin

Best Underwriting Spot – Gabe Perrin, Kellie Varanka

Best Football Play-By-Play – Gabe Perrin

Best Women’s Basketball Play-By-Play – Gabe Perrin

Most Creative/Innovative Show – Sam Hawkins

Best Documentary – Emmy Brown

Best On-Air Pledge Drive – Sean Grove

Best News Feature Story – Sean Grove

Best Political News – Sean Grove

Best Newscast – Evan Sanders

Best Show Promo – Evan Sanders

Best Campus/Community News – Joe Cronin

Best Station Promo – Charlie Pickett

Best Men’s Basketball Play-By-Play – Zach Browning

Best Baseball Play-By-Play – Zach Browning

Best Soccer Play-By-Play – Zach Browning

Best Website – Sarah Bushue

Best Podcast – Bri Guntz

Best Station Blog – Casey Alderman

Best High School Station Management – Caroline Houck

Best Use of Video in Radio – Kendall Frobig




Best Specialty Music Show – Ethan Meneghini

Best Live Music Broadcast – Ella Carlson, Alex Ferrell

Most Creagive/Innovative Show – Elizabeth Kneifel

Best Celebrity/Band Interview – Wil Courtney

Best Radio Drama – Skylar Greaves, Via Sarjent

Best Documentary – Wil Courtney

Best Public-Affairs Program – Chris Elmore

Best Comedy Program – Evan Sanders

Best On-Air Pledge Drive – Jessica Cooper

Best Public Service Promotion – Maylee O’Brien

Best Show Promotional Poster – Hali Papacharalambous, Caroline Houck

Best Campus News Coverage – Austin Rubin

Best Political News Coverage – Sean Grove

Best Spot News Interview – Caroline Houck

Best Show Promo – Wil Courtney

Best Football Play-By-Play – Luke Donovan

Best Men’s Basketball Play-By-Play – David Weiderhaft

Best Soccer Play-By-Play – Joe Cronin

Best Sports Interview – Luke Donovan

Best Pre/Post-Game Show – Zach Browning, Joe Cronin

Best Station Blog – Katelyn Conley

Best Use of Video in Radio – Kendall Frobig

Best Faculty Advisor – Dominic James

Runners Up

Best On-Air Personality – Jessica Cooper

Best Talk Program – Caroline Houck, Hali Papacharalambous

Best Specialty Show – Chris Elmore, David Weiderhaft, Clayton Walker

Best Community Personality – Jessica Cooper

Best Newscast – Deaglan Anderson

Best News Feature Story – Harel Halevi

Best Promo Series – Skylar Greaves, Via Sarjent

Best Station Promo – Devin Ascioti

Best Event Promo – Kayla Gaerte

Best PSA – Elizabeth Kneifel

Best Use of Sound Effects – Aidan Hurley

Best Station ID – Joanna Thornburg

Best Sports Talk Program – Caroline Houck, Charlie Huiras

Best Sports Update – David Weiderhaft

Best Website – Molly Kosiba

Best Use of Social Media – Elizabeth Kneifel

Best Women’s Basketball Play-By-Play – Charlie Maurer


National Radio Station of the Year – Runner Up


Best Specialty Music Show – Nick Carlson

Best Talk Show Program – Spencer Pickering, Kendra Perkins

Best Morning Show – Ethan Meneghini

Best Public Service Promotion – Connor Inskeep

Best Political News Coverage – Chris Elmore

Best Spot News Interview – Chris Elmore

Best Use of Sound Effects – Neharika Palivela

Best Liner/Sweeper – Paige Ohrvall

Best Underwriting Spot – Kendra Perkins

Best Men’s Basketball Play-By-Play – David Weiderhaft

Best Women’s Basketball Play-By-Play – Charlie Maurer, Ethan D’Eramo

Best Soccer Play-By-Play – Luke Donovan

Best Sports Update – Jace Dery

Best Sports Interview – Spencer Pickering

Best Business Manager – Jessica Cooper

Best Comedy Show – Wil Courtney, Nick Beckman, Ethan Meneghini, Harel Halevi, Chris Elmore

Runners Up:

Best On-Air Personality – Chris Elmore

Best Live Music Broadcast – Neharika Palivela

Most Innovative Show – Eve Elliot

Best Band Interview – Neharila Palivela, Lauren Jacobson, Sakshi Gopalani

Best Radio Drama – Scott McDonald

Best Documentary – Rianna Miller

Best Public Affairs Program – Chris Elmore

Best Live Broadcast Event – Ella Carlson, Jess Cooper, Ethan Meneghini

Best Community Outreach Event – WHJE Staff

Best Station Promotional Poster – Hali Papacharalambous

Best Show Promotional Poster – Ethan Meneghini

Best News Interview – Chris Elmore

Best Promo Series – Paige Ohrvall

Best Event Promo – Clayton Walker

Best Station Promo – Evan Sanders

Best Show Promo – Maylee O’Brien

Best Station ID – Paige Ohrvall

Best Football Play-By-Play – Charlie Maurer

Best Baseball/Softball Play-By-Play – Luke Donovan

Best Sports Talk Show – Grant Hubbard

Best Pre/Post-Game Show – Charlie Maurer, Jace Dery

Best Website – Sakshi Gopalani

Best Podcast – Eve Elliot, Maylee O’Brien



Best On-Air Pledge Drive – WHJE Staff

Best Overall On-Air Schedule – WHJE Staff

Best On-Air Director – Matt Hustel

Best Radio Drama – Neharika Palivela

Most Creative Programming – Lauren Jacobson

Best Live Music Broadcast – Ross Abdellah, Nate Miller, Bailey Wright

Best News Broadcast – Ryan Dossey

Best Use of Video in Radio – Bailey Wright

Best Use of Twitter – Ross Abdellah

Best Social Media Manager – Ross Abdellah

Best Community Outreach Event Promo – Nate Miller

Best Station Promotional Event – Mason Klain

Best Other Sports Play-By-Play – Sam Weixler (Girl’s Soccer)

Best Hockey Play-By-Play – Sam Weixler

Best Baseball/Softball Play-By-Play – Jack Edwards, Jace Dery

Best Promo Series – Nate Miller

Best Comedy Program – Caitlin Varanka

Runners Up

Best Radio Music Director – Shelby Neal

Best News Director – Abi Draper

Best Sports Director – Sam Weixler

Best Overall Sports Coverage – Sam Weixler

Best Use of Sound Effects – Paige Ohrvall, Nate Miller, Eve Elliott

Best Liner/Sweeper – Maylee O’Brien

Best Station ID – Sam Weixler, Nate Miller

Best Underwriting Spot – Lauren Jacobson, Jack Edwards

Best Football Play-By-Play – Sam Weixler

Best Men’s Basketball Play-By-Play – Sam Weixler

Best Women’s Basketball Play-By-Play – Ethan D’Eramo

Best Baseball/Softball Play-By-Play – Sam Weixler

Best Other Sports Play-By-Play – Ross Abdellah (Lacrosse)

Best Soccer Play-By-Play – Jack Edwards, Noah Lichtenberg

Best Sports Talk Show – Charlie Maurer, Jace Derry

Best Sports Update – Sam Weixler, Spencer Pickering

Best Sports Interview – Ross Abdellah, Sam Weixler

Best Sports Pre/Post-Game Show – Ethan D’Eramo, Charlie Maurer, Ross Abdellah

Best Live Broadcast Promotional Event – Katie Piedra, Jaishna Sivakumar

Best On-Air Giveaway – Ross Abdellah

Best Website – Noah Lichtenberg

Best Use of Instagram – Ross Abdellah

Best Campus News Coverage – Ryan Dossey

Best Spot News Coverage – Mason Klain

Best On-Air Personality – Connor Inskeep

Best Specialty Music Show – Kate Fairman

Best Live Music Broadcast – Caitlin Varanka, Eve Elliott

Best Talk Program – Matt Hustel, Connor Inskeep

Most Innovative/Creative Show – Reagan Hune

Best Celebrity/Artist Interview – Connor Inskeep, Caitlin Varanka, Sam Weixler

Best Radio Drama – Kate Piedra

Best Documentary – Kayla Wrobleski, Thea Nikolaou

Best Public Affairs Program – Jaishna Sivakumar

Best Morning Show – Nick Beckman

Best Foreign Language Program – Robert Sanchez



Best Football Play-By-Play – Griffin Gonzalez

Best Basketball Play-By-Play – Griffin Gonzalez

Best Baseball/Softball Play-By-Play – Ben McDonald

Best Soccer Play-By-Play – Sam Weixler

Best News Broadcast – Julia Sweet

Best Station Promo – Julia Sweet

Best Specialty Music Show – Patrick Simpson

Best Talk Show – Makenna McLeod, Caitlin Varanka, Anna Fagin

Best Documentary – Uma Kocherlakota

Best Public Affairs Show – Jaishna Sivakumar


Best Sports Talk Show – Jack Edwards, Noah Lichtenberg

Best Sports Interview – Ross Abdellah

Best Podcast – Tatum Prati

Best Campus News Coverage – Tatum Prati

Best Community News – Tatum Prati

Best Event Promo – Mason Klain

Best Use of Sound Effects – Max Hurwitz, Nathan Jacobs

Best Live Music Show – Rachel Lacy

Most Innovative Show – Reagan Hune

Best Specialty Show – Patrick Simpson

Best Celebrity Interview – Kayla Wrobleski

Best Band Interview – Rachel Lacy

Best Radio Drama – Katie Piedra

Best Morning Show – Ethan Sellers, Matt Hustel

Best Scheduling – WHJE Staff

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