WHJE 91.3

IASB 2020

Radio School of the Year- Carmel High School (Winner)

In-Depth Radio- Maylee O’Brien (First)

Radio Sportscast- Jace Dery (First)

Radio Talk Show-David Weiderhaft and Luke Donovan (Second)

Radio Sportscast- David Weiderhaft (Second)

Radio Sporting Event Broadcast- Charlie Maurer, Jace Dery, David Weiderhaft, Luke Donovan (Second)

Radio Copywriting- Riley Dugan (Second)

Radio Imaging -Paige Ohrvall (Second)

Radio Drama- Kiyah Wiesenauer (Second)

Radio Air Personality Finalists- Ella Carlson (Second)

Radio Copywriting- Nick Carlson (Third)

Radio Air Personality Finalists- Connor Inskeep (Third)

Student Multimedia Website- Sakshi Gopalani (Honorable Mention)

Radio Interview- Chris Elmore (Honorable Mention)

Radio Play-by-Play- Charlie Maurer (Honorable Mention)

Radio News Anchor- Ryan Dossey (Honorable Mention)

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IASB 2020