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IBS 2020

Best Business Director- Jess Cooper (Winner)

Best Specialty Music Show- Dave Matthews Special, Nick Carlson (Winner)

Best Talk Program- 3 Headed Snake  Spencer Pickering & Kendra Perkins (Winner)

Best Morning Show- The Meneghini Mixdown, Ethan Meneghini (Winner)

Best Comedy ProgramThe Greatest Radio Show Ever, Wil Courtney, Chris Elmore, Nick Beckman, Ethan Meneghini, Harel Halevi (Winner)

Best Public Service Promotion- Lifeline Law, Connor Inskeep (Winner)

Best Political News Coverage- Election Special: November 19, Chris Elmore (Winner)

Best Spot News Interview- Interview w/ Congresswoman Susan Brooks, Chris Elmore (Winner)

Best Use of Sound Effects- Where the Wild Things Are, Neharika Palivela (Winner )

Best Liner/Sweeper- Who Let the Dogs On Air, Paige Ohrvall ( Winner )

Best Underwriting Spot- Underwriting Perkins, Kendra Perkins (Winner)

Best Sports Play-By-Play– Men’s Basketball- Weiderhaft Men’s Basketball PBP, David Weiderhaft (Winner)

Best Sports Play-By-Play– Women’s Basketball- Carmel Girls v Westfield , Ethan D’eramo & Charlie Maurer (Winner)

Best Sports Play-By-Play– Other-Donovan Girls Soccer, Luke Donovan (Winner)

Best Sports Update- Carmel Sports Update, Jace Dery (Winner)

Best Sports Interview- Christian Williams, Spencer Pickering (Winner)

Best On-Air Personality- Chris Elmore (Runner Up)

Best Live Music Broadcast- Kayla Phillips Interview, Neharika Palivela (Runner Up)

Most Creative/Innovative Show- Welcome to Your Seven Minutes,  Maylee O’Brien (Runner Up)

Best Specialty Show- Podcast Party Ep. 1, Eve Elliott (Runner Up)

Best Celebrity/ Band Interview- Diving Deep with Ben, Lauren Jacobsen, Sakshi Gopalani & Neharika Palivela (Runner Up)

Best Radio Drama- SCP 173, Scott Macdonald (Runner Up)

Best Documentary- Mystery Mondays, Rianna Miller (Runner Up)       

Best Public-Affairs Program-  Mayor Brainard, Chris Elmore (Runner Up)

Best Live Broadcast Promotional Event- The Last Rock of Summer, Ella Carlson (Runner Up)

Best Community Outreach Event- Steve Inskeep Alumni Event, WHJE Staff (Runner Up)

Best Station Promotional Poster- WHJE Poster, Hali Papacharalambous (Runner Up)

Best Show Promotional Poster- The Last Rock of Summer, Ethan Meneghini (Runner Up)

Best News Interview- Interview w/ Congresswoman Susan Brooks,  Chris Elmore (Runner Up)

Best Promo SeriesPromo Series,  Paige Ohrvall (Runner Up)

Best Station Promo- The Wild West of WHJE, Evan Sanders (Runner Up)

Best Show Promo- Bite-Sized Existential Crisis, Maylee O’Brien(Runner Up)

Best Event Promo- North Central Football Promo, Clayton Walker (Runner Up)

Best Station ID- Get Up and Groove, Paige Ohrvall (Runner Up)

Best Sports Play-By-Play –Football- Carmel v North Central PBP, Charles Maurer (Runner Up)

Best Sports Play-By-Play –Softball/Baseball- Donovan Softball PBP,  Luke Donovan (Runner Up)

Best Sports Talk Program- Nothing But Net, Grant Hubbard (Runner Up)

Best Sports Pre/Post-Game Show- Carmel Homecoming, Charles Maurer & Jace Dery (Runner Up)

Best Website- WHJE Website, Sakshi Gopalani (Runner Up)

Best Podcast- Cinema Soundtracks, Eve Elliott (Runner Up)

Best Podcast- Bite-Sized Existential Crisis, Maylee O’Brien (Runner Up)

Best High School Radio Station- 91.3 WHJE, WHJE Staff (Runner Up)




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IBS 2020