Tips and Tricks When Paying for College

In this personal project Alex Crookshanks, a Carmel High School Senior, gives her viewpoint on struggling to pay for college when living in a rich town. Learn about the judgment and expenses that come with getting an education both in and out of state.


Produced by Alex Crookshanks.

All Rolled Up – Everything but the Kitchen Sink Ep 8

Everything but the Kitchen sink or “EBTKS” is a WHJE live comedy talk show hosted by us, Anna, Caitlin and Makenna! This is the one live show that talks about everything and anything, we randomly draw our themes at the end of every episode and that’s our plan for the following week. The Geek Spot with Anna, Fun Facts and Jokes with Caitlin and Story Time with Mak are just a few of the very fun segments that will appear on the show. You can tune in to Everything but the Kitchen sink on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30-6:00 pm on 91.3 WHJE.

Breaking Point Week 93- Season 3 Finale

As the school year comes to a close, so does the Breaking Point Season 3. In week 93, you can hear the returning host Jackson Ammons alongside Rachel Lacy try some of the weirdest craziest Oreos ever invented (including coconut and kettle corn Oreos). Mr. James and Ms. Kaiser also come on and play Breaking Feud with a helium twist. And sadly, Ethan says his final goodbye and introduces who the host of next year’s Breaking Point will be. Check us out on social media! We will be posting things periodically throughout the Summer! Twitter: @BPRadioshow Instagram @BreakingPoint.WHJE.

Breaking Point Week 91- Living the Dream

In Week 91 of the Breaking Point, Matt Hustel and Ethan Sellers discuss the new and groundbreaking game called Fortnite along with Esports and its coming together of becoming a real sport. They also discuss an old TV star breaking the world record for lifting the Dinnie Stones. Also, check us out on social media where you can keep up to date on everything that’s happening on the Breaking Point! Twitter: @BPRadioshow Instagram @BreakingPoint.WHJE. Links to the stories below!


Breaking Point Week 90- Welcome to the Jungle

On week 90 of the Breaking Point, Ethan and Matt discuss with special guests Joe Blake and Rachel Lacy why dogs are better than cats, a disabled dog pulling off heroic feats, and the attack of the geese. Check us out on social media! Twitter: @BPRadioshow Instagram: @BreakingPoint.WHJE. Links to the stories below!

Breaking Point Week 89- Conor and Coffee

On week 89 of the Breaking Point, Ethan and Matt talk about how coffee affects your body, how a store in Europe is making big changes, and Conor McGregor’s temper tantrum with special guests Connor Inskeep and Ryan Dossey. Check us out on social media! Twitter: @BPRadioshow Instagram @BreakingPoint.WHJE. Links to the stories below!

Sonic Review- Bishop Briggs

In this episode of Sonic Review, WHJE’s Kate Fairman breaks down songs from indie pop singer and songwriter Bishop Briggs. The songs are listed below in order of appearance in this episode:

  1. Tempt My Trouble
  2. Wild Horses
  3. River
  4. Dead Man’s Arms
  5. White Flag


Radio Radar #22

A reunion of the 3 Radio Radar dudes, Ethan, John, and Seth, and just in time for one of Radio Radar’s last episodes, Episode 22. We bring to you another music and commentary packed episode, with plenty of humor and music to go around, whichever is your taste, you’ll find it in Radio Radar.


The music in this episode is as follows:

High Hopes by Linnea Dale & Of Norway

Giant by Anjali Ray

JFK Spoke About This by Seraphic Eyes

Midnight Romance by Jackson James Smith

Cold Blooded by Ellency

Have a great, music filled day, from Radio Radar.

An Open Letter to Myself

In this open letter produced by Katie Piedra, podcast creator and Bob and Tom Show website designer Chris Spangle walks you through his own story.

But that’s not it. In this open letter, there is passion. There are stories. There is self-love. There are lessons.

There is a life for you to reclaim. Chris explains how he conquered – and is still conquering – himself, and how you can overcome your own obstacles.