Desert Island Disc – Neharika Palivela

If you were stranded on a desert island forever and you could only listen to three songs, read one book, and bring one luxury item, what would you choose to accompany you until the end? For this episode of Desert Island Disc, Neharika Palivela interviews Jennifer Bubp, an art and art history teacher at Carmel High School. They discuss her Desert Island picks and why they are significant to her.

This I Believe – Joanna Thornburg

Joanna was born with a large birthmark that turned into a scar on the left side of her cheek. She vents about the challenges and the struggles that come with the scar, such as unwanted opinions from relatives and plastic surgeons recommended by a woman in the grocery store.

This I Believe – Ella Carlson

What do you believe in? Mermaids? Dragons? A God? Yourself? You can believe in anything and everything, the possibilities are endless. So are movies, the possibilities are endless. A beginning, a middle, themes, plot twists, main characters, side characters, symbolism, and of course an end. Movie fanatic Ella Carlson explains why she believes her life is a movie.


Whiffle Whaffle S2 E17

Ben, Chae, and Vanessa taste two different chocolates and try to guess what is in each. Later, they do the same thing with the flavors of three different pieces of gum. After that, we run through some tweet roasts and finish off the show with a BuzzFeed quiz.