Bite-Sized Existential Crisis EP. 3 Objective Morality

In an unfair world, we lean on our morals to guide us through the terrible the complex conflicts life throws at us. But, what happens when everyone’s morals are different? Is it possible for one moral guideline to reign true over another?
Fair warning: Our morals aren’t quite as reliable as we thought



3 Comments on “Bite-Sized Existential Crisis EP. 3 Objective Morality”

  1. Very well thought-out and researched. The subject matter is also broken down and given in a way that is easy for the every-day-person to digest.

  2. I thought it was very well thought out and well planned. It certainly is unique in it’s break down of these deep subjects. It’s more intellectual than a lot of high school radio broadcasts and podcasts. Great job!

  3. I think that this is very well produced. One can tell you are knowledgeable about this story with the details you give. You also break it down so everyone can understand it. Your voice is very clear and your tone can tell that your interested and want others to be interested in this story too. I also like how the bed stops at some times and it’s not the same all the way throughout. Overall this is very well done!!

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