Canine Cloud 9 – MainStreet #4

Canine Cloud Nine is a dog grooming business in the heart of downtown Carmel. Olivia Harris and Mae Ban talked with one of the owners of Canine Cloud Nine and found out a little bit more about her and the business.

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Produced by: Mae Ban and Olivia Harris


2 Comments on “Canine Cloud 9 – MainStreet #4”

  1. Really cute and awesome story about how Amber has found her passion for dog grooming. It was really cool to hear that the Canine Cloud 9 is cage free, it sounds like the dogs have fun just running around after their bath and/or haircut. I really liked the dog barks and squeaky toys in the background it made me picture seeing me playing with one of the really cute dogs.

  2. Having the owner talk about her backstory and all that went into opening Canine Cloud 9 was powerful. Having the owner talk about the whole story of the shop and how it came around in her life was powerful in itself, as it seemed like one of those shops that are the best around but aren’t widely known. The writing style was basic but yet still effective by letting the listener in on what is done in the shop and how it is different than any other grooming place anywhere. The vocal performance by both the owner and the narrators/hosts was great because they all spoke in clear and concise voices.

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