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Carmel Dance Marathon

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Carmel Dance Marathon

Carmel Dance Marathon is in its 11th year of raising money for Riley. Listen to coverage of this amazing night.


  • Really good story and it was written very well. I really liked how sounds and interviews from the actual event were put in and it was very nicely edited.

  • I liked how the story was short, sweet, and to the point. Giving facts from students’ dedication and giving for the kids at Carmel was a clear understanding from this story.

  • The length keeps people interested. She sounds very confident with her script. It sounds very professional, and it was edited very well.

  • I like how the story was short and straight to the point and using another person to relate to the kids that this event raises money for.

  • The story was short enough to hold my attention, It was quick to the point and informative.

  • I like how the announcer uses good voice projection, and how she had good transitions between the voicer, and the actuality. The story was interesting as well.

  • Dance Marathon Is a Good Way To Help Raise Money For Hospitals. The Second Clip Took a Too Long To fade out.

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