Category: RADIOTHON 2018

Thank you to our supporters during Radiothon 2018!

WHJE would like to thank the following people who helped us reach our goal during Radiothon 2018: Griffin Gonzalez John Griffin Dominic James Cynthia Meneghini Elyas Musleh David Paxton Emily Pattyn Jennifer Courtney Jeff Smulya Robert & Sara Draper Andrew Weixler Dominic James Sherri Klain Andrew Gostomelsky Lio Krieger Dominic James Anna Nelsen Jessica Carlson …

Thank You to Our Generous Donors!

WHJE would like to thank all of the support we have received from our extremely generous donors. With their support, WHJE will be able to continue to make fantastic work.   Emily Pattyn John Griffin Griffin Gonzalez David Paxton Elly Musleh Cynthia Meneghini Jennifer Courtney Robert and Sara Draper Jeff Smulyan