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Homophobia. Everyone knows what it is. Everyone knows it happens. But not everyone knows what homophobia is to a person who has experienced it. Whje’s Autumn Larkins explores statistics and her very own homophobic experiences in this, This I Believe. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Why Film Is Important

The word “art” is usually only applied to painting and sculpture, with film often being left out of the conversation. Even since their popularization in the early 20th century, movies have been a staple of the American entertainment industry, leading many to think that that’s all they are: entertainment. However, for me, film is something …

Cross Country and Track: Running for Carmel

In this interview, Brad Hoggard takes you through the mind of one of the runners on the state champion Carmel Cross Country and Track and Field teams.  Ben Underwood is a Junior Varsity Track and Cross Country runner who has been running since sixth grade.  Listen to hear the back story and experience of being …