Christmas – Two Do the New Ep 4

This week of Two Do the New we explore one of America’s favorite holidays… Christmas. We explore new traditions that excite the Christmas spirit and give new perspectives on the holiday season.


3 Comments on “Christmas – Two Do the New Ep 4”

  1. This piece was very good! I liked how you used music and the ChristKindlMarkt to set the mood. I learned a lot about the market that I never knew before! There was also great vocal performance. Nice job!

  2. I loved the smooth atmospheric sounds that were in the background. The interview with the raclette chef was very interesting too. I liked the script, it flowed well chronologically. The length of the segment was perfect, short and sweet but long enough to get a good idea of the Christkindlmarkt. The humor and descriptions of when you were on site were well done, but a few more details from other senses would help even more.

  3. The script’s sequence of events flowed really well and I liked how you transitioned from each segment to the next. Your information was really good and very interesting, but personally I would have liked to know more about he Kris Kringle Market. Since you said you were going to try different traditions, I thought that maybe you guys were going to try like two or three.You might want to clarify exactly how many activities your doing next time. But overall it was really well put together.

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