Fracturing Football Episode 2 – The First Quarter of the Season

On the second episode of the Fracturing Football podcast, Max Hurwitz will join Noah Lichtenberg and Jack Edwards as a guest. He will help us discuss some players that you should look at picking up and who’s doing well through the first quarter of the season. We will wrap it up by talking about how our predictions from our last episode have done as well as looking in depth at the Indianapolis Colts.


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  1. I thought the story flowed extremely well and very conversational. The reporters talked to the listeners instead of at the listeners and the story was easy to follow. I thought the rate was good and the tone quality of the reporters was strong and clear to hear and understand. I enjoyed the sound effect of a whistle that was put in there to continue to grab our attention throughout the story. Overall, the podcast was well produced and easy to follow.

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