Gaining Self-Confidence

This story is about me, Jacey Wolff and my experience with struggling to find self-confidence in myself about my appearance and how I have gotten to be this way. Also that how in today’s society many other girls and even guys also go through the same thing; being insecure of how they look from being bullying in real life and even online and finding solutions to overcome these insecurities.

2 Comments on “Gaining Self-Confidence”

  1. I too went through a time where I had a friend who wasn’t really a true friend. I also went through a time where I had little self confidence in my abilities to achieve anything I wanted to achieve. Now, through hard work and effort, I am more determined now to find my calling in life. No matter how many people do not approve of my mission, I know that it is my destiny.

  2. Confidence is hard to achieve, but not impossible. Insecurity is something that is also easy to creep up on you, which it has done for years to me (ever since I can remember.) This story is relatable to how a lot of people feel around the world. The ending of this story ended on a positive note, which I like. It is my wish for everyone I love to be truly happy one day.

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