Artificial Hearts – In the Books 2

In the Books, a podcast about medicine in history, goes beyond the textbook to seek out the untold stories of artificial hearts through history. Join Uma Kocherlakota as she discusses the medical sides of history.


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  1. The sound design was really cool with all the intense background music that went along with most every clip which really added to the tone and mood of the piece and made it all the more interesting. The writing style was really great, there were interviews sandwiched by information and narration that was really interesting and kept the listener enthralled. The Storytelling process was also really great, though it was confusing at times as there was a lack of introduction of new people in interviews, although the story she was telling about this man who lived with an artificial heart was really interesting and well worded. In the end the podcast story was really really good and well designed, though it was a little confusing at times with the lack of introduction of some of the bits of audio from other people.

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