Learning a Language – Will Speak #1

In a new podcast, WHJE’s Kendall Fahey explores the experience of learning a language through the classroom. Schools, like Carmel High School, require students to learn a language in order to graduation but do students benefit from another language.

Produced by: Kendall Fahey


2 Comments on “Learning a Language – Will Speak #1”

  1. The storytelling was very interesting looking at does learning language at schools actually help. The writing was very good, it kept me intresting and engaged the whole time. The sound was very well done, with no errors and with good actualities. The vocal performance was nice because you sounded very interested and like you cared about the topic.

  2. The storytelling for this story was very well done, The transition between you and your guest was well done. the musical flows between you and new information made this podcast flow. Your writing ability is good, your sentences and ideas flow from one to the next and you don’t ramble on any one idea. The voices of you and your guest was well balanced and the sound quality was very good. The vocal performance had a lot of inflection and your performance did not include any obvious vocal issues, This story was very well done.

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