Not That Kind of Ex

Everyone enjoys some form of music. It’s not too hard to find a fun little groove to listen to. But have you ever really stopped to think about all of the details involved with the music? Artist reviews are a fantastic way to check out and learn about new or favorite artists. This one is about The XX, a soft yet detailed group with quite a bit of background and connections. Produced by WHJE’s Katie Piedra, it’s sure to have you thinking and bobbing your head.

Songs In Order of Occurrence:

I Dare You


On Hold


Say Something Loving



Intro/Drunk on Love




I Dare You


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  1. I was super shocked to come across this, only because I really love The XX. The podcast as a whole kept my interest and I really enjoyed listening to it. I learned a lot about The XX that I originally didn’t know. The production of the podcast was amazing and sounded like it had a lot of work put into it, which made it awesome to listen to. Katie did a great job with everything!

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