Artist: Imagine Dragons

This is a music review over the Imagine Dragons’ newish album “Smoke and Mirrors.” One of the main things shown through this album is the theme of forgiveness which is a lot different from their other albums. It has a good theme and a really catchy tune so listen in!

Electronic Music Production

In this piece, one is exposed to the atmosphere of a home studio within the duration of time in which an electronic music selection is being composed. This production depicts the audio outlining the entirety of this creative process, and how nothing can be blatantly turned into something. You get to hear how a simple chord progression and some drum samples can be transformed into something much greater.

Homecoming Week

Homecoming is one of Carmel High School’s oldest, craziest, and most energized times of the year. This borderline school holiday is celebrated with a week of festivities that brings something new every year. These are the school’s favorite parts about the blue and gold soaked week known as Homecoming Week.


Artist: Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra is a British rock band from Birmingham England, they are also my favorite band of all time. ELO has created many hit songs in their days and have been a decent part of my high school career. This is the history of what I believe to be the greatest band ever. This is the history of Electric Light Orchestra, by Michael Davis.