Museum of Miniature Houses

In this piece, WHJE’s Dan Burkhard explores what’s happening at the Museum of Miniature Houses. This museum is in downtown Carmel and has been drawing a lot of interest since its creation. There is also a new exhibit being displayed for just a short time. This piece includes interviews from local resident Cassandra Tice and museum founder Suzanne Landshof.

Teenage Decision Making

Officer DJ Schoef, a police officer at Carmel High School, held a mini-convocation during SRT on March 30th. He talked about MUSE, or Making connections, Understanding, Sharing, and Exploring. The students learned about how to have fun without regret while out of school, especially during spring break. Schoef went into detail about the function of teenagers’ brains and why they may make the decisions they do. As a whole, his main goal was to educate them about the decisions they make and how to stay safe while they’re on their own.