Procrastination: An Experiment

What happens to you when pull an all-nighter? Being a student and seeing my peers stay up all night because of procrastination and then school, I wanted to find out for myself why it is so bad. I decided to conduct an experiment on myself by staying up all night and seeing how my mind and body would react.

9 Comments on “Procrastination: An Experiment”

  1. Very interesting results. I wouldn’t have recommended performing experiments on yourself, but some of your quotes were hilarious. Very good performance. I enjoyed hearing the difference between your normal and no sleep self.

  2. Interesting experiment. I disagree though, when you said that no one has told you what would happen if you procrastinated until the very last minute; you are very tired. It is proven that sleep helps you focus, so you went from procrastination, to sleep. I liked your commitment to this, and you did a good job.

  3. The introduction caught the listener’s ear though the broadcaster’s voice seemed rushed. It was eye opening to see the effects of receiving no sleep. The example seemed a bit dramatic but overall the experiment was well done.

  4. Interesting results to the experiment. Good contrast between no sleep and sleep. I liked the funny quotes and how you explained the research behind the project. Overall very well done.

  5. The introduction was very well written and thought through. There are good key questions that are left for you to think about that are answered throughout. The idea of the experiment was a good one. The transitions from the day of the experiment was good, there was a clear difference between the experiment and the person at their full, well-rested best. The experiment was a good idea and well executed.

  6. Overall, this experiment is well done. The topic was very interesting and I also believe it is relevant with high school students. One thing I really liked were the descriptions of feeling like an ‘old bag lady’ and a ‘dusty old bag of pudding’. The difference between the broadcasters tone and speech at the beginning of the broadcast compared to after the broadcaster pulled an all-nighter was truly amazing.

  7. This is a very interesting experiment, especially since many teens procrastinate so much. I liked how this was an experiment to defy what they say, even though it didn’t actually achieve it, it was great.

  8. The reporter’s voice is slightly nasally, however the topic is interesting to me, as I suffer from procrastination. This story will help many other students as well. They had a good amount of energy and the pile up of the voices was distracting but proved her point really well.

  9. I liked the different words that you used to describe how you felt when you pulled an all nighter. This was a good experiment and it really showed how much getting the proper amount of sleep effects you.

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