Teen Car Crashes – FR411 #12

Of all age groups, teenagers are the most likely to get in a car accident. In fact, the leading cause of death for teenagers is motor vehicle accidents. In this episode, WHJE’s Tatum Prati gets you the inside scoop on teen car crashes. She talked to Officer Schoeff (police), Captain Chad Hughes (fire), and some teenagers who have been in accidents. Listen as they share what it’s like and how it can be prevented.

Produced by Tatum Prati


1 Comments on “Teen Car Crashes – FR411 #12”

  1. Speaking slowly to be understood is good, but don’t speak too slowly at the beginning. Sound beds are nice, but kinda distracting if the music is not played consistently or during specific parts, such as lead ins. The story is organized well, with a lead, problem, and solution. The interviews are very clear. Try more varied word choice than “got,” etc. Great using multiple stories and interviewing many people. Sound bed usage improved later on. Overall a good production.

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