Wil Courtney, Podcast Manager

Podcast Manager


Wil Courtney

Hi, my name is Wil Courtney and I am a senior at Carmel High School. I am one of the three podcast managers for the 2020-2021 School Year, specializing in interview-based podcasts. I  have been at WHJE since I was a Freshman and last year, I won his first national award from the IBS Awards for a live show created with my friends called, “The Greatest Radio Show Ever”. Over the summer, I have worked extremely hard to keep myself busy, working at Crew Car wash and beginning an internship at the Nexus Impact Center. I plan to make a lot of content this year before going into College, continuing my current series “Carmel Conversations” and beginning at least two others, in addition to helping mentor and educate other members of the Podcast Department in new and exciting ways.