Blog Post #15- Recap Carmel v. Ben Davis

Carmel v. Ben Davis Football Game 10/2/2020


Katelyn Conley

Happy homecoming Hounds! On Friday, October 2nd, the Carmel Greyhounds (4-2) battled the Ben Davis Giants (2-4) for a very exciting homecoming game! After a scoreless opening drive for the Giants, it was now time for the Hounds to put their offense in action! On their first play of scrimmage, the Hounds were able to get the ball to Zach White for a touchdown! With a 37 yard touchdown, the Hounds were on the board first with a score of 7-0! The Giants were able to march down the field, however the Greyhound D were able to stop the offense from scoring a touchdown! This forced Ben Davis to kick a field goal. With the stop, the Carmel offense came out hot as Zach Osborne found Colton Parker to close out the first quarter! Parker’s touchdown extended the Carmel lead with a score of 14-3!

The second quarter began, and both the Hounds and the Giants were fighting to see who would be able to score next. After a few unsuccessful attempts by both teams, it was finally the Hounds that were able to score yet again! Baron Smith obtained the pass from Osborne and ran 88 yards into the endzone to close out the first half of the homecoming game! Carmel went into the locker room with the advantage of the Ben Davis Giants with a score of 21-3! 

Both the Giants and the Hounds came out of the locker room determined, as both teams were able to hold off the other from scoring. As the third quarter came to a close, the Hounds were ahead over the Giants with a score of 21-3. With the start of the fourth quarter, the Giants were struggling to stay alive. It wasn’t until Chris Patterson rushed the ball into the end zone from 29 yards out. However the P.A.T. was missed by the Giants! The Hounds were still ahead with a score of 21-9 with 9 minutes to go in the fourth. With the Giants score, the Hounds kicked things into overdrive Zach Osborne connected to Jordan Jones for a 67 yard touchdown! The Hounds were able to only shave a minute off of the clock. The score was now 28-9! However, the Giants were unable to score on their next drive, the Hounds were able to get the ball back, ending with a Spencer Hanna field goal. The Carmel Greyhounds were successful on homecoming night as they beat the Ben Davis Giants with a score of 31-9!

The Hounds travel to Warren Central to take on the Warriors on October 9th! WHJE will be on the call starting at 6:30 for pregame and the game will follow at 7! Tune into 91.3 WHJE or for the call!

Photo credit to Nick Beckman!