Blog Post #24- Recap Carmel v. Ben Davis (Regionals Edition)


Katelyn Conley, Blog Manager

On Friday, November 13th, the Carmel Greyhounds traveled to Ben Davis to take on the Ben Davis Giants in Regionals! Just like the last two weeks, it was a win or go home situation. The game proved to be one for the record books with a heartbreaking defeat for one of these teams in the end. It was the Giants and the Greyhounds and here is your recap of the game!

The game began on a whirlwind as Baron Smith took the opening kickoff 95 yards for the touchdown to open the scoring! Then, on the Giants opening drive, it was a Tamaris Springfield interception that gave the Hounds good field position with 9 minutes to go in the first! However, the Giants came to play as they came up with a big stop by their defense! Spencer Hanna couldn’t connect the 44 yard field goal. This would allow J’uan Swanson of Ben Davis the opportunity to run it into the end zone from 18 yards out to bring the score to 7-7 to close out the 1st quarter!

As the second quarter began, the Giants took off! It began with a 26 yard touchdown, allowing the Giants to take the lead over the Hounds with 7 minutes to go. Then, after the Greyhounds couldn’t answer, the Giants were able to go down the field again having Swanson find Devon Wiley for a 14 yard touchdown! Closing out the half, the Hounds went into the locker room with a fourteen point deficit, as the Giants were ahead over the Hounds with a score of 21-7.

Coming back out for the second half of play, the Giants continued to roll on! The Ben Davis Giants opened the scoring drive for the second half with a field goal extending the score to 24-7 over the Carmel Greyhounds. But, don’t count the Greyhounds out yet! Senior Zach White hauled in a touchdown for the Hounds pushing the score deficit to 10 with 5 minutes to go in the third! With a three and out on the next drive for the Giants, the Hounds would get the ball back with time still remaining in the third quarter. Luke Conley would be the one to punch it into the endzone to let the Greyhounds back into the ballgame! With one quarter remaining, the score would be in favor of the Giants 24-21 over the Greyhounds.

Throughout the fourth quarter, both teams did not let up as both defense’s stopped the other from scoring! It wasn’t until the Giants kicked a field goal halfway through the fourth to extend their lead to 27-21! After more back and forth battling, time would expire and the Ben Davis Giants would defeat the Carmel Greyhounds. A huge congratulations to the Ben Davis Giants on a great game! A shoutout goes to the Greyhounds and the Seniors on an exceptional season and an amazing four years! Great job Hounds! The Carmel Greyhounds would end the season with a final record of 9-3!

Photo Credit to Nick Beckman!