Homegrown: Holumb: Music Wave, Season 2: Episode 5

Music Podcast

Brianna Guntz

When friendship meets music…..
On this episode of Music Wave, join Brianna Guntz as she gets to know Holumb. The Bloomington-based band consists of Kaedin Caine, Jordan Nouri, Jackson Naylor, Paxton Mosby, Ben Janney, Oliver Snyder, and Korey Miles. Their passion for music and genuine love for each other is like a breath of fresh air. Keep an eye out for their Mars Tour 2030 👀 Only on Music Wave!
Tracks in Order:
1.Oil Diffuser 2. Log Track 3. Cinnamon Candle 4. One 5. Valise 6. Motel 7. Cinnamon Candle