Manager Series – Live Show Managers


Bethany Ducat, Blog Manager

WHJE is looking forward to all the upcoming events in the live show department according to the live show managers, Ahni Brown-Harbin, Sophie Cassidy, and Allie Wolf. Wolf states, “We are working on finalizing the schedule for the shows this year and are excited to get some new shows up and running!” Additionally, Brown-Harbin is excited for “the diverse lineup of shows that we have for this year, from video games, to history, to sports.” The standard of work is a big talking point across all the departments in the station, especially the live show department. Cassidy says, “The live show department is working to improve quality in all aspects of our on air work to provide the best listening experience possible for everyone who tunes in to 91.3 WHJE!” All events in the live show department are amping up, so as Wolf says, “Stay tuned for some good stuff on the station!”