Double Edged Sword – A Drama by Abby Fisher


Abby Fisher

Stace Jewels is known as the loner of the most prestigious high school in london, Towers High.
Not talking to anyone unless spoken to, until a certain boy named Nate Verlice approaches her
during and asks if she wants to sit with his friends. Hesitant but not wanting to be rude, she
accepts his invitation. At the table she meets Nate’s friends Daniella Solace, Issac Adler, Riley
Levaine, and the leader of the group Ava Romano. Ava is known as the queen bee of the school,
mostly due to her father Jeff Romano being the most successful businessmen in the city and
owning a small portion of every corporation. Stace doesn’t say much during lunch, until Ava
asks her if she would like to come over to her house for a party. Stace unconsciously says yes,
and takes her first step out of her comfort zone. During the party Stace seems to be opening up,
but her insecurities get the better of her and make her feel hatred and jealousy towards Ava and
her friends. Why did Ava bother talking to her? Does she just feel sorry for me? I’m not anyone’s
charity case! These feelings manifest themselves into her evil doppelganger, Dopple Stace. A
psychological battle emerges. Who will prevail? Who will perish?