Escape Room Part 1


Abby Fisher

The sequel to Double edged sword is here! All your favorite characters are back and stronger
than ever, well except for Stace Jewels of course. In the last show, Stace thought she was safe
from her evil twin Dopple Stace only to find out that she was stuck in the spirit world and her
twin has taken her place. Stace wanders through the spirit dimension clueless and upset, until
she meets princess Anastasia, the deceased daughter of Czar nickolas II and now Stace’s
companion in the spirit realm. Ava Romano and her friends are blissfully unaware of the fraud
right next to them as they continue their day to day lives in and out of school. One day in the
school courtyard, Nate remembers that he has soccer practice after school and can’t miss
another practice. Otherwise, the coach will humiliate him again in front of his parents and
teammates. This sends him into a panic and starts crying uncontrollably. After being comforted
by his friends, he shares what had happened when he was late for the first time. What is Nate
hiding? Will Dopple Stace be found out? Find out in Escape room!