The Battle of the Bands is On!!


Luke King, Blog Manager

Spring is coming at us fast! And a great way to settle in for the Summer is to take a walk to the Carmel Gazebo on April 15th at 2:00 pm to hear some incredible live music from local bands. Four bands will go head to head, to decide a winner in front of a panel of judges. The four bands which will be performing are: At 2:00 pm is Bool! Which features WHJE’s very own Devlin Rosenfeld and Owen Bruner. Following them is, The Aristacats which also has a member from WHJE in their group Quin Strzynski who will be playing at 2:40. After that is Tonal Consequence at 2:55; with WHJE’s very own Gabe Kenyon on drums. Finally, at 3:25 is The Wesley Willis Funk Experience. After all four bands play, the judges will select the two best bands to play in the championship round! There will be a 5$ charge for tickets. We wish all bands to break a leg out there!