Bool Rocks the hardest at Carmel Battle of the Bands


Luke King, Blog Manager

Last Saturday we saw four incredible bands take the stage at the Carmel Gazebo in downtown. The emcees Sam Tiek and Bailey Oehler introduced each band and brought awareness to an organization named Prevail, which is a charity to help end women’s abuse. The bands were as follows: Bool, The Aristacats, Tonal Consequence and The Wesley Willis Funk Experience. Bool started off the show with a rock/funk mix. WHJE’s members Owen Bruner and Devlin Rosenfeld were excellent all day. During their second song they brought in their lead saxophonist Lorenzo Tomasi to play. Tomasi had this to say about joining the band, “The band felt like they were missing something, so they asked me to play a riff; and that was that.” Their first song featured a long bass solo which had the whole audience clapping along. Next up was The Aristacats headed up by WHJE’s very own Quin Strzynski. Their band features a more bassy and jazzy tune which dipped and came back with a stronger guitar solo. After that was Tonal Consequence with fellow WHJE member Gabe Kenyon on drums. They played two cover songs, Come as you are by Nirvana and Low by Foo Fighters. Finally was the Wesley Willis Funk Experienced who, while playing “Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s” by Wesley Willis, lead singer Kyle Sarjent threw out McDonalds hamburgers during the song.

Eventually the two bands facing off in the finale was Bool and The Aristacats. With Bool winning the whole thing! Lead singer Owen Bruner and Nathan Stergar had this to say about the win. “We’re feeling more confident about our abilities. I am happy just for publicities and connections.”

Featured in image Ronin Van Vlymen (left) and Owen Bruner (Center)