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The Voice of the Carmel Greyhounds

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The Voice of the Carmel Greyhounds

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Home Sweet Home; The Hounds Are Back In Town

Week 2 Football Preview

It was 291 days ago when the Greyhounds last took to their home turf, but for many it was a game that left a bitter taste and a memory they would rather forget. However, after a long and anxious 9 month wait Greyhound Football is back home.

On Friday, August 25,  the heart- pounding action returns to Carmel Stadium, as the Greyhounds take on Christian Brothers College. This week’s matchup is nothing short of daunting for the Greyhounds, as they gear up to face off against  Jeremiah McClellan , a 4 star wide-receiver and Ohio State commit. McClellan is just one of many stars in the constellation for Christian Brothers College. Now, Let’s take a deeper dive into the excitement that this week’s matchup promises.

As we approach Friday night, the Greyhounds showcase their one and zero record after their thrilling victory against the Homestead Spartans, last week with a score of 14 to 7. The Hounds showcased their versatile offense, with the run-pass option taking center stage.

The Greyhounds executed 26 running plays, while gaining 116 yards on the ground. The run game was a great demonstration of the Hounds offensive strategy coming into this season. In addition to the run game, sophomore quarterback Anthony Coellner made his Friday Night Lights debut which was nothing short of excellent. Coellner connected on 9 of his 12 pass attempts accumulating 63 yards of offense. 

On the other side of the ball, the Hounds defense gave the Hounds what they needed to beat the Spartans. With 5:47 left in the 4th quarter, as time ticked down to zero Carmel Cornerback Christian Peterson intercepted a pass from Michael White and returned it the distance giving the Hounds a 13-7 lead over Homestead. While the Hounds’ defense has shown moments of promise, allowing 239 yards of offense in a single game, with 105 of those coming on the ground, is a clear indication that they have some work to do. The Hounds are looking to take another win this week at home in front of their home crowd, but 277 miles away lies their opponent in the Christian Brother Cadets.

The Christian Brother Cadets are gearing up for a friday night showdown, as they journey 

down northeast to take on the Greyhounds.While the Cadets are no strangers to the road, with a schedule that often involves covering 1,251 miles in travel, there’s one thing they remain immune to – defeat.

Now, let’s take a look at the driving force behind the Cadets winning tradition, head coach-Sean Pingel. Pingel has spent 14 seasons with the Cadets and has led the program to an astonishing 130 wins and only 26 losses. Formerly a Buffalo Bill, coach Pingel spent his time before coaching, as a professional football player. His experience has helped him develop the program at Christian Brothers College into a nationally ranked program. Ranked 72nd in the nation, the Cadets are ready to roll into Carmel on friday.

The Cadets offense is charged by senior quarterback Cole McKey, standing at 5 foot 11 and weighing in at 175 pounds. McKey’s offensive leadership was on full display last season, as he passed for 1,945 yards for 26 touchdowns. The senior quarterback’s ability to thread the needle and escape the pocket is one of a kind.The senior quarterback has received four offers to play division III football at the collegiate level. 

In the run game, the Cadets turn to junior Alex Morris, a shifty running back standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 160 pounds. Morris’s reputation extends beyond the state of Missouri thanks to his 4.63 second 40 meter dash. Last season, he made his mark with 9 carries for 67 yards averaging 7.4 yards a carry. 

While Morris provides a reputable presence in the backfield, their attack is anchored down by Jerimiah McClellan. McClellan is a 4 star receiver who has received notable division I offers from schools such as Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, Kentucky, Oklahoma and many more. The  6 foot 1 senior had a total of 1,103 receiving yards last season.

The anticipation is building , as the clock ticks down to Friday night’s clash between the Carmel Greyhounds and the Christian Brother Cadets. The Hounds look to protect home-turf while the Cadets look to bring the win back home. Don’t miss a single pass, run or even turnover! Tune in to 91.3 FM or to listen to Friday night’s game. 


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