The Air Raids – Affliction Ep. 1


Affliction: The Air Raids

Affliction: a state of pain, distress or grief, misery; a cause of mental or bodily pain as sickness, calamity, loss, or persecution.

Hi, welcome to the first of hopefully many episodes of affliction. Day to day people face many issues. Some are on a large scale, some are more personal. This podcast will be my attempt to cover just a few of the many afflictions people have faced and the outcomes, in hopes of bringing these issues to light and on a personal level.

This episode I was lucky enough to find a reservoir of clips from the World War 2 air raids on Many of the clips inspired me, because most of the time what they teach you about war in history class is very detached. They don’t show you the people the sounds or the feelings. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight those who stayed strong through the air raids and worked hard every day just to stay alive. So, here is the first episode of Affliction: The Air Raids.