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  1. You just did like an informational thing about an artist and all I heard was Benjamin lemon! He was a homeless artist who ended up deleting all his music off the Internet! Acoustic to rap! I must know this artist!!!!!!

  2. The radio station is really good. I like how the person you interview knows what to say and isn’t nervous when they are being interviewed. I look to forward to meeting you all whenever we come up there. I think you all can teach us a lot of things with getting us started. I was a big fan of the sport talk shows.

  3. I once worked in radio. I love diverse music. I have to be honest what happens at the school is not my primary interest . I tune you in because commercial radio bores me.

    You are first class in your programming of music. There’s a good balance of older and edgy music.

    I’m 66 years old, hate packed music! Top 40 doesn’t introduce me to new interesting sounds. I like WTTI… Now you are next to WFYI my favorite.

    Thanks for being more than a high school radio!

  4. 49ers after the last game seems to be over-rated. They barely able to stop a rookie QB with below average time.

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