Madalyn Sailors – Music To My Ears #1

Music To My Ears is a new podcast series about music’s impact on students in the performing arts department at Carmel High School. For this episode, I interviewed Madalyn Sailors, a freshman at Carmel High School who participates in band, orchestra, and choir. We talked about how she became interested in music, how music has impacted her life, and what music means to her.

Produced by: Anna Nelsen


5 Comments on “Madalyn Sailors – Music To My Ears #1”

  1. Everything in this story are all legally and ethically up to code and well within the standard. The story telling elements were well put together, with a good focus on the background and development of the interviewee. Writing and script from the interviewer is not bad, but somewhat oversimplified, with a very matter-of-fact manner of speaking. The sound architecture in the beginning was very well balanced with an attention grabbing sound, but the interview was somewhat quiet and the ending french horn playing was definitely too quiet. Vocal performance wasn’t bad, but was somewhat boring and didn’t gather much interest throughout, Madalyn was far more interesting to listen to than the actual interviewer.

  2. I thought the music at the beginning was a little bit long, and could’ve been kept under the reporter’s voice. I thought that the story arc was nice, and the reporter’s comments kept the story flowing. I thought the sound production wasn’t complex, and this made the stops and starts of the audio clips harsh. I would’ve liked if they had some of Madalyn playing under/after some of the dialogue.

  3. This story is in all the requirements legally and ethically. The story telling process, I thought was very interesting on how they went back in forth between the interviewer and the interviewee. The writing style has an interesting way on how the interviewer would say something about Madalyn and then how Madalyn would add to what the interviewer said and you were able to see Madalyn’s point of view on the topic. The sound design at the beginning was unique because they played the music to get you into what you were about to listen to. Also just having Madalyn play in the interview was just very cool to hear. I thought that both of them had a good vocal performance. They were both very clear with their with their voice.

  4. All of the legal and ethical requirements in Madalyn Sailors- Music to my ears #1 were followed. The storytelling process and writing style were both very unique and interesting. I thought the sound design was good in the story. Everyone spoke clearly and was able to be understood.

  5. I loved how the interview with Madalyn went more into why she loves music and it went into more of that depth. The transitions that you included were very well said and put. The sound design was very well produced and the interview and transitions were very clear as of what you were saying. The part where the french horn was being played was also very clear and nice to hear!

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