Maggie Hite Interview

I sat down with Ms. Maggie Hite, one of the orchestra directors at Carmel High School. Ms. Hite started her teaching career at Carmel High School. I asked her a few questions about music and how she became so interested in it.

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  1. This is a very interesting interview. Ms Hite has a very interesting story and way of getting into music. I loved how the interview was about how she got into music and how she developed her career and love and passion in the field. I also found it interesting about how she was able to talk on such a variety of topics and aspects. Such as stage fright and advice that she would give to students. This was a very well planned out interview and I found it extremely unique and interesting.

  2. The information that was reported really intrigued me, particularly the part about how all of Ms. Hite’s family was involved in music. However, I do feel like the reporter could of used a bit more enthusiasm when interviewing the teacher. At some parts of the broadcast, the reporter sounded a bit bored with what Ms. Hite was saying. Although, the interview itself was very entertaining and informative.

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